Vice- Rector

University of Shkodra "Luigj Gurakuqi"

Vice-Rector: Prof. dr. Gëzim Dibra|
Tel: +355674400111


The duties of the Vice Rector

The Vice Rector has the following duties and competencies:

  1. Sets the calendar of the teaching process.
  2. Follows the teaching work, scientific work in the USH and the workload of the academic staff.
  3. Follows up the design and implementation of curricula in Faculties for all study cycles.
  4. Organizes and monitors the postgraduate qualification work, postgraduate schools, postgraduate courses and PhD process.
  5. Leads and controls the work for admission of new students to USH.
  6. Controls the activity of the Directory of Curricula, Research and Standards which is under his/her supervision
  7. Organizes the quality assessment at USH, faculties and departments, etc.