1 year internship opportunity in the USA for Tourism students of the Economic Faculty of SHU during the academic year 2021-2022.

This 1-year internship opportunity in the USA is offered by the Global Career Exchange (GCE) with the J-1 Program supported by the Department of American State. This program aims at educational and cultural exchange for foreign nationals and the return of experience gained in the country from which they come by staying and serving for at least two years in their home country. Participants of this internship follow a detailed training plan in three 4-month periods in various hospitality and tourism operations and receive an hourly wage from the host company to support their livelihood during the training time. Participating tourism students have the chance to learn from the experience of successful American tourist businesses. Participants will return to their country with a valuable work and cultural experience that will help them to be succeed in their careers. Participants can also lay the groundwork for future collaborations in hospitality and tourism as a result of establishing new contacts with American experts of the field and networking with internship tourism students from other states who will be future successful tourism managers and operators in their home countries.

For more detailed information and to call for application, please contact the Tourism Department of the Faculty of Economics of SHU.