The Scientific Bulletin of Shkodra University "Luigj Gurakuqi"

The University of Shkodra has been distinguished for many years, not only as an important teaching center but also as a scientific research. The professors of this University have given their valuable contribution to various fields by carrying out numerous publications. They are authors and co-authors of many university textbooks, many monographs of scientific research publications. They are also authors and co-authors of many scientific articles published in different journals at both national and international level in various fields such as: Albanology, Linguistics, Artistic Literature and Documentary, Folk Culture, History, Philosophy, Pedagogy, Psychology, Sociology, Political-Social Doctrine, Economics, Natural Sciences and so on. At Shkodra University "Luigj Gurakuqi" there is published the Scientific Journal titled "Scientific Bulletin". This magazine began to be published in 1958, but only one number was published at that time. After continuous efforts and demands, the publication of this magazine resumed in 1964 which continues to be divided into five series nowadays:

  1. The series of Social Sciences,
  2. The series of Natural Sciences,
  3. The series of Education Sciences,
  4. The series of Economics,
  5. Series of Law Sciences.

The “Scientific Bulletin" of Shkodra University was early known as a Scientific Journal (re-evaluated as such by Order of the Ministry of Education and Science No. 98, dated 28.03.2000, based on Decision No. 4, dated 17. 03. 2000, of the Commission of Reconsideration of Scientific Periodicals), became a tribute of the scientific opinion of the time. On the pages of this magazine, professors of this university have reflected their thoughts and ideas in various fields of knowledge. There is also the contribution of many international and national scientists who have contributed to raise the scientific level and increase its authority in Albania and beyond.