Project entitled "Reform of doctoral studies in Montenegro and Albania - paradigm of good practice" MARDS (Duration: 15.11.2018 - 15.10.2021; Project code: 598465-EPP-1-2018-1-ME- EPPKA2-CBHE-PS) is very important for USH in general and much more important for the FE as it is directly linked to establishment of the PhD study program and will serve as a model application of PhD studies for other Faculties. For this reason there is requested support of governing bodies of the University as well as the Faculty.

The partnership of this project is composed of the following partners:

(5) EU Universities: University of Vienna, University of Zagreb, University of Maribor, University of Banska Bistrica, Association of Doctoral Education Professionals.

ME (5): University of Montenegro, University of Donja Gorica, Ministry of Education of Montenegro, Ministry of Science of Montenegro, Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro,
AL (6): University of Shkodra "Luigj Gurakuqi", Technical University of Tirana, University of Vlora, Metropolitan University of Tirana, Ministry of Sports and Education of Albania, Albanian Chamber of Commerce.

Among the activities and developments so far in the framework of MARDS project there is organized the Kick-off meeting in Podgorica where the project coordinator, Prof. dr. Arjeta Troshani, participated. At this meeting, there were shared the tasks among the partners and the main activities of this project were presented. The Director of the Project Directory at MESY committed the maximum support to UNISHK in the implementation of this project. The PhD study in "Sustainable Tourism" which is expected to be established at the Faculty of Economics in the framework of this project is thought to be multidisciplinary and include professors with academic titles from other Faculties of the University of Shkodra as well as from other University partner project. Meanwhile, from MESY we have defined the criteria for the candidates who can be enrolled at this study program.

During the first part of the project there has been prepared a report on the current state of PhD in Albania and Montenegro. At the end of May 2019, this prepared report by the University of Vienna and the University of Zagreb was handed out to all members of the working group of MARDS project.

Part of the project there is also the analysis of financial management in doctoral studies, where the funding sources are different. They can be the fees of PhD students, 2 Chambers of Commerce in Albania and Montenegro which are expected to support PhD students on the basis of the agreement with businesses that the Faculty of Economics has signed in the framework of FOST INNO project.  

There is requested that the project should be in the same line with Internationalization Strategy of the University regarding to the relation with foreign Universities in the framework of the staff and PhD students mobility.  

During the first year, the academic staff has been trained in 4 following EU Universities: the University of Vienna, the University of Banska Bistrics, the University of Zagreb and the University of Maribor.

Meanwhile, the application process in MESY for the opening the PhD Study Program in Economics and Sustainable Tourism and the tender for the equipment that will be used for the research service activities of this program, are going to be carried out during the implementation of this project.


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Project coordinator
Prof. Dr. Arjeta Troshani